Sunday, February 28, 2010

Interesting Video That I Found Online

This is a video of a test of Kingsford Competition Charcoal. The guy grilling the steak has some interesting insight into how the product worked. The last time I tries Kingsford, I wasn't too happy-so if this product works this good, I may give it a shot.

Enjoy! Those steaks looked REAL Good. I also thought the grill being used was interesting. It looks a little like one of those "Big Green Eggs", but I can't be sure...

A special thanks to Lyndon (surfinsapo) for his permission to use this video!

Sunday Afternoon, 2/28/10

After we got home from Church, I went outside to grill the chicken breasts for our Chicken Souvlaki lunch/dinner.

It's still cold, although the snow is melting pretty quickly.

I'm counting the days till I take the Char-Griller out of the garage and fire that baby up!!!

I had this with Greek-style yogurt sauce, rice, and broccoli.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I've Got Cabin Fever, I've Got Cabin Fever!!!

OK-I've officially had enough of winter. It won't stop snowing, and spring is officially 23 days away. I just can't wait to take my charcoal grill out of the garage and smoke a pork shoulder, or something....

We got a "Seal-a-Meal for Christmas, and have been stocking up on steaks as they go on sale. I recommend one for anyone-especially is you like to marinade stuff. I pulled these out of the freezer, and they were AWESOME!!!