Tuesday, September 15, 2009



Aaaahhhh, The NEW Grill/Smoker....

Ribeye steaks on the new grill! I also tried some new fuel-Stubbs Hardwood Briquettes (ALL NATURAL). Since the people who make Cowboy Brand lump coal also distribute this, I thought it was worth a try. The ONLY complaint I had was the long time it took to ignite in the chimney. It took around a half hour, while Cowboy lump coal is usually ready in 10-15 minutes. The flavor was great, and it lasted a little longer than plain lump coal. Didn't burn as hot, though.

Monday, August 31, 2009

The NEW Grill/Smoker

I found this at Stop & Shop, and got a floor model for $40.00. I ended up discovering I was missing some screws, so I went th Lowes with my wife. As I looked for the screws, I saw the smoker attachment on sale for $19.99!!! I went home and put everything together, and primed the grill (it was raining out, so I couldn't cook anything).

On Sunday, I cooked a boneless leg of lamb on it-Man, was it good!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Weber Gas Grill

My Mother-in-Law gave me this grill. I cleaned it up really nice, replaced the flavor bars (which were literally being held together by a prayer), and replaced the cooking grates.

I really like to use this for chicken legs, and steaks (only london broil, or flank steaks) when I am too lazy to fire up one of my charcoal grills. I also use this grill when I do not have the time to start the charcoal grills due to scheduling issues.

I have been using this pretty regularly for the past month, or so, and except for a grease fire (shame on me for NOT cleaning out the bottom part of the grill), I am very happy with this grill.
These Porterhouse steaks were cooked about 8 minutes on each side, taken off really rare, and server rare/medium rare after a short rest on a plate. I did NOT even need to add any spices to them, just salt at the table. They were AWESOME!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th Weekend 2009

I had some time off before July 4th, and took the opportunity to use a charcoal grill to cook some rib-eye steaks. ALL I ADDED was salt! I thing these were some of the BEST steaks I ever made!

This shot shows my Charcoal "Power Trio".....

I got to relax and spend some time with my family this weekend. Thursday, we had Ribeye steaks (pics above), Friday, I made burgers on the Weber gas grill, and Saturday we had a unique meal: Hot Dogs (on the Charbroil gas grill) with SWEDISH MEATBALLS (which my wife made inside)! Who would have thunk?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend May 2009-Grillin & Chillin!

At this very moment, I am wondering why God is so good to me. He gave me the talent to cook. Considering I came from a family where my grandmother was the only person who could really COOK, I stand amazed.

The Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, I made beef shish-kabobs and sausage & peppers on the grill.

That was good, but shortly after we ate dinner, Elyssa and I made the dryrub for the pulled pork. This was applied to the pork shoulder, and sat until Monday...

Monday, Memorial Day there is only one really great way to wake up. Unfortunately, I did not get to sleep late. I got up at 4AM because I was so excited about smoking the pork shoulders. At 5AM, I began to light the lump coal, and then add the hickory to get it smoking. By 6AM, I finally got the meat on the smoker.

My wife, Jenny brought 2 smaller pork shoulders instead of one really big one. This cut down the cooking time from 20 hours to 6!

The secret dry rub....

Stoking the fires.....

Look at the color of these babies....

AAAhhhh-the almost final product-it just fell apart!

Pulled ight off the bone....

Fed 15 people!!!

The final thing was to deep-fry some vidalia onions. I had mine on a hamburger bun with the deep-fried onions, melted Cheddar Cheese and some Sweet Baby Ray's sauce.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Porky's Time is Short...

Soon and Very SOON!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Still Hungry?

Friday-March 20, 2009 (1st Day of Spring)

I know it snowed this morning, but I'm crawling out of my skin.

I just have one question.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm feeling like the temperature needs to be at least 50 degrees at night for me to take out R2D2 and smoke something...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Welcome To Holy Smoke!

OK-Why, do you ask, does Ira want to put up a website dedicated to meat?

BECAUSE-it's so AWESOME!!! There is nothing like creating the perfect dry rub for a pork shoulder, then smoking it for 3 hours, and slow-cooking it for another 22 hours. There is also NOTHING like when you pull apart the moist, smoky pork from the bone, and taste all the spices & smoke. There is also nothing like eating the first pulled-pork sandwich from the shoulder! And finally, nothing like seeing the enjoyment on everyone's face after they take their 2nd helping!

Yes-I have an issue. I like to cook. I like to smoke. I like to grill. I like to bar-b-que. More importantly, I like to EAT!

Enjoy the blog. I've included a weather link so you can plan your smoking project ahead of time. I will include pictures, recipes, and links dedicated to one of my favorite hobbies!

Can somebody PLEASE shout AMEN?